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Inconel 800H/HT (UNS N08810/N08811) is a nickel-chromium alloy with high strength and resistance to high temperature and corrosion. It is used in applications such as heat exchangers, industrial furnaces, and nuclear reactors.

Inconel 800H/HT (UNS N08810/N08811) is a high-performance nickel-chromium alloy that combines excellent strength and resistance to high-temperature oxidation and carburization. This makes it ideal for use in demanding applications where heat, corrosion, and stress are present, such as in heat exchangers, industrial furnaces, chemical processing equipment, and nuclear reactors.

Inconel 800H/HT has a high nickel content, which provides excellent resistance to corrosion by various media, including sulfuric and phosphoric acids, nitric acid, and alkalis. It also has good resistance to high-temperature scaling and oxidation, making it ideal for use in high-temperature environments. The alloy has high strength, both in the as-welded and heat-treated conditions, which enables it to withstand high stresses and pressures.

In terms of its composition, Inconel 800H/HT contains about 30-35% nickel, 19-23% chromium, 1.5-2.5% aluminium, and small amounts of other elements such as iron, carbon, and molybdenum. It is available in several forms, including plate, sheet, bar, tubing, pipe, and wire.

Inconel 800H/HT is widely used in various industries due to its high performance, reliability, and versatility. It is ideal for use in applications that require high resistance to stress corrosion cracking, pitting, and crevice corrosion. It is also widely used in the oil and gas, power generation, and chemical processing industries.

Overall, Inconel 800H/HT is a highly versatile and reliable material that offers excellent resistance to high temperature, stress, and corrosion, making it a popular choice for use in demanding applications.

Chemical Composition of 800H/HT

The chemical composition of nickel alloy 800H/HT typically includes:

  • 36-46% nickel

  • 19-23% chromium

  • 0.5-1.5% aluminium

  • 1.5-3% titanium

  • 1-2% iron

  • Trace elements such as manganese, carbon, and silicon.


The exact composition may vary slightly based on the specific application and processing conditions.

Alloy 800H/HT, also known as Incoloy 800H/HT, is a nickel-iron-chromium alloy with good strength and high resistance to oxidation and carburization at elevated temperatures. It also has excellent resistance to stress-corrosion cracking and aqueous corrosion.

Physical Properties:

  • Density: 8.06 g/cm3

  • Melting Point: 1300-1390°C (2372-2534°F)

  • Thermal Conductivity: 27 W/mK

  • Thermal Expansion: 13.0 μm/m°C (20-100°C)

Mechanical Properties (Room temperature):

  • Tensile Strength: ≥ 565 MPa (82 ksi)

  • Yield Strength: ≥ 240 MPa (35 ksi)

  • Elongation: ≥ 40%

  • Hardness (Brinell): 250-320 HB

Alloy 800H/HT has excellent creep resistance, making it suitable for use in high-temperature applications such as heat exchangers, reheaters, furnace components, and petrochemical processing equipment. It also has good formability and weldability, making it suitable for use in a variety of fabrication processes.

It is important to note that the properties listed above are typical for Alloy 800H/HT, but may vary depending on specific production methods, heat treatment, and manufacturing processes. As with all alloys, it is recommended to consult with the manufacturer or supplier for more information on the specific properties and performance characteristics of the alloy that you are interested in using.

Physical & Mechanical Properties of 800H/HT

Variants of Nickel Alloys

There are many variants of nickel alloys, each with unique chemical compositions, properties, and applications. Some of the most common nickel alloys include:

  • Nickel 200 (UNS N02200): A pure nickel alloy with good corrosion resistance and high thermal and electrical conductivity.

  • Nickel 201 (UNS N02201): A low-carbon nickel alloy with high thermal and electrical conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance.

  • Inconel 600 (UNS N06600): A nickel-chromium alloy with excellent resistance to high-temperature corrosion and oxidation.

  • Inconel 601 (UNS N06601): A nickel-chromium-iron alloy with good resistance to high-temperature oxidation and corrosion.

  • Inconel 625 (UNS N06625): A nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy with excellent resistance to corrosion and high-temperature oxidation.

  • Monel 400 (UNS N04400): A nickel-copper alloy with good corrosion resistance in a variety of environments.

  • Hastelloy C-276 (UNS N10276): A nickel-molybdenum-chromium alloy with excellent resistance to corrosion in a variety of harsh environments.

  • Incoloy 800 (UNS N08800): A nickel-iron-chromium alloy with good resistance to high-temperature corrosion and stress corrosion cracking.

These are just a few examples of the many nickel alloys available. The specific alloy chosen for a particular application depends on the desired properties and the conditions of use. It's always best to consult a materials engineer or specialist for the most appropriate selection.


Intamet offers Alloy 800H/HT in a wide range of forms, including the below:

Stacked Pipes
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