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Please help us to help you

I am asking you to register with us for a number of reasons:

  • We will send you advanced notice of those lines we have on special offer
  • We will provide you with an additional 5% price reduction on those special offers
  • We will provide you with a 24/365 support telephone number to help deal with any critical stock issues.

We offer these "specials" not as loss leaders or enticements but as part of our business model - we often buy in lines to support customers who need smaller quantities than are generally available.

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Gordon Rowe - Managing Director Gordon drives The Company from the front. Having served in the stainless steel tube, pipe, fittings and flanges stock holding distribution since 1983, is renowned as one of the industry leading product specialists. Prior to incorporating Intamet in January 1998, Gordon held managerial positions in…

  • Jeff Drodge

    Jeff, heads the quality team and general operations at Intamet. Everything within Intamet revolves around quality. From the continual management and system improvements within our ISO 9001 accredited systems, audits, third party and customer special inspections, through critical lifetime records for our nuclear customers, Add to this ethical, environmental policies…

  • Steve Wells

    Steve - Works and Logistics Supervisor Steve manages the processing of customer orders from allocation of picking notes, cutting of materials in house, to sub-contract polishing and water jet cutting management, through packaging and distribution. Suitable packaging is one area often overlooked by sales. We need to consider the method…

  • Sophia Neaves

    Sophia works within our sales team She is the "happy one" around the office. Always happy regardless of the way the day is going. Sophia has been working with Stainless Steel Tube and Pipes for over 10 years and since joining Intamet in 2014, has expanded in her knowledge to…

  • Taylor Rowe

    Taylor Rowe - Account Manager - UK Sales Taylor has been with the Organisation since 2012. It is never easy being son of the owner, and if anything found more pressure to learn products and business in general. Taylor is a fast learner with good retention and soon became both…